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We have received thousands of progress and thank you letters from families with very positive comments about solving the problem. Our counseling and 24 years experience keep the comments coming. We believe in protecting customer identity as strictly confidential, so please understand we will slightly adjust content and omit names on the following recent letters we received, to keep them fully confidential and anonymous.

Dear Starchild/Labs
You have a fantastic product. Thank you for helping our son stop bedwetting. He has seen changes over the last 2 months. He now wakes on his own.
J.B California

Dear Starchild Labs.
Your program is great. He is only 5 years of age, so I wanted him to wait. But my child decided he wanted to be dry. The information the doctor gave me showed this thing really works. Your program for bedwetting, among other things, helped my child in his self image. No more wet beds thanks to your excellent program.
S.S. Florida

Dear Customer Service Department
We tried previous, another alarm type system that was much bulkier. The program did not work. It was a lot of trouble to keep clean. Yours was easier. It worked. It has overcome my child’s problem. We are happy.
R.G. Kansas

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Dear Starchildlabs
Our daughter is a teenager who has wet her bed her whole life. Since purchasing the Sleepdry program she was grouchy about the whole thing at first. Your advice was very helpful. Soon the magic began. We used big rewards and she became a motivated girl. She now wakes up all on her own every night. We are so proud of her. Your program has literally changed her life.
C.L. California

Dear Star Child Labs.
Well where do you go when you really don’t know what to do. It has been an amazing journey. We tried everything before to stop my son’s problem, but nothing ever worked. Our doctor said “Have you tried an alarm program?” We were skeptical, but we tried you anyway. What a joy! The doctor was right. Success was quick, now he sleeps dry. Thanks Starchild.
J.M. Tennessee

Dear Starchild/Labs.
We tried your program, and thought at first it wouldn’t work. The wetting kept happening and not one night dry. Then we finally read your information, (duh) and read about all the possibility that rewards can help. We couldn’t wait. We started a program of having a little prize every morning and it really made the difference. The wetting stopped almost immediately as my little trooper started having fun. We thank your company.
P +D N.J.

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Dear Starchild Labs
…got on your program after visiting our daughter’s pediatrician. He showed us your web site, and said you know how to solve her problem. For over 3 months now she has not wet her bed. Thanks for getting us help with this. P.S. she liked starry.
M.M. New Jersey

Dear Star Child Labs.
This is a success story of two boys. Both are teenagers. Both were dubious that the alarm program would work, but I tried a little competition between the two. One was easier than the other, but I had different rewards for both. Thank you for helping us
C.K. Colorado

Dear StarchildLabs.
My son had wet the bed his whole life. We tried every program there was. Your instructions were different. Rather than be difficult like the others, your program helped us work with him more friendly. Dry beds now and he can sleep over at friends. The Sleep Dry Program has worked for him.
B.B. Massachusetts

Dear Star Child Labs program
Your Sleep Dry Alarm does work! My “zombie” changed when I started using rewards for him to “try” harder. When we got that first call in the night “Mom, I need to go” Wow, It was worth it.
L.M. North Carolina

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