How do we know if a bedwetting alarm is the best solution for us?

It is advisable to have an evaluation of your child's situation and have your doctor do an analysis of the child's bedwetting problem. This way you can be sure there are no underlying medical or bladder issues(which are uncommon). This is a very personal matter for each family and you want to get a program that insures success, as to eliminate the possibility of failure for your child. It might work best to interview the child, get ideas filled out, and understand their feelings before beginning any program.

How long has the SleepDry Program been helping children?

StarChild Labs is a company that was started in 1986 to start helping families dealing with the problem of bedwetting. We have provided alarm treatment and counseling for enuretic children for over 20 years.

How long will it take to complete the program?
Let’s give you a hypothetical example of a child we will name Christian. We will say Christians been about the business of doing our program for only 3 weeks. Christian is doing well and Christian is meeting standards of progress. The parents appreciate the financial help that the cost is so much lower of a fee than the cost of other programs. The reason for mentioning Christian is that this company wants to let people know where our success comes from, not just that our fee is so much less than other programs. It is the techniques and methods we have developed that will help Christian now succeed. It is a statement not needing correction –to say it is necessary to have developed a program with our organization, that will help Christian now move into for sure wearing the alarm for the last part of the correction process. The whole period to dryness took Christian 8 weeks, but let us define what dryness means.


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The child is usually declared dry in approximately 1 to 3 months when they achieve 21 consecutive dry nights.

Some children will take longer. You should stay with the program no matter how long it takes as the child will actually have a correction of the problem much sooner than not being treated. The family should keep our alarm for a period of several years to cover the possibility of relapses and again center on staying with the child on the program .

How does your little SleepDry Alarm device work?

The sleep dry alarm is a small little device that is less expensive than many other bedwetting alarms. It is simple and easier to use than many other devices. The equipment used, sounds at first onset of wetting, which is what helps in changing the sleep pattern and results in the deep sleep problem being corrected. The comfortable little device fits right in the underwear and sounds just as the wetting occurs. While the alarm is very sensitive, it will not be a problem if the child sleeper starts to perspire. There are many devices produced and marketed to choose from, such as the bell and pad system, and other types with many differences. While the alarm device equipment is important, more important are the techniques, behavior modification methods, and instructional counseling methods that are available with the system. Our alarm program has produced methods for correcting the issues behind the bedwetting problem for decades. We have done a better job in getting permanent results for deep sleepers. Our alarm equipment is very durable, and will last well.

What do I do if my alarm breaks?

If your alarm breaks for any reason during our one year warranty it will be repaired or replaced at no charge to you

What to expect when our family has purchased the alarm from your company.

We have talked that it only takes a couple of months to work with your son or daughter. But after you have purchased the bedwetting alarm try this. Get started by having your child lay down before bed time on the mattress in his bedroom like he slept, and you drip water on the sensor. When his alarm starts to go off, make sure he pretends to awake, taking the time, making him go down to the bathroom. Also make him pretend to change his sheet like it is wet. The alarm is so sensitive it will ring quick for you to observe. It is normal for your child to not experience the “ have to go” feelings for about a week. At this point you will be reminding him what he learned and started at the beginning. You are ensuring he will wake up right away when the alarm rings and he is awakened. It is because he has already practiced normal wakeup! People often write us a short note when asking for their Starry Reward Button, that in their experience, this advice really works. Needless to say, it will work just like normal.

Do you offer personal program help with your program?

All of our operators have lots of experience in handling special situations and questions, and are happy to provide extra counsel when needed. Everyone at StarChild Labs has a commitment to providing the best help we can without limit, - to guarantee that all children enrolled and using the Sleep Dry Alarm become dry. In most cases our counselors will be able to help you solve any issues in a limited amount time.

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To what degree do doctors recommend your alarm and counseling?

Thousands of doctors enthusiastically recommend us.

I have been told just to let my child outgrow the problem?

Bedwetting is a confusing and private problem that many keep from discussing with anyone, including their relatives, friends, and even their doctor. When they do discuss the problem they often suffer with very bad advice. The advice can range from restricting rather than limiting liquids,(which does not work as they continue to produce liquids all night anyway) to waking them up in the middle of the night to help change a deep sleep pattern. This advice usually proves to be wrong as well since bedwetting is not caused by deep sleep. Some children do have certain sleep patterns that can lead to this belief. Some children quickly enter deep sleep within a few minutes of falling asleep. This can be the time period of deepest sleep. Parents attempt to arouse their children during this deep sleep time and because they are very groggy and disoriented (which is normal) they think that deep sleep is what is causing the bedwetting problem. Parents of children who suffer from bedwetting are often encouraged to try different drugs to correct the problem. The problem with drug treatment is if they correct the problem at all. For most children whose symptoms are improved while taking the drug, they usually relapse and revert back to their bedwetting problem when they no longer take the medication. If you have been told to just let your child outgrow this problem, or have tried many of these methods that don’t work, when do you expect that your child will be over the problem? Many teens still suffer, boys as well as girls. It is well known that as much as 11 percent of six year olds wet the bed, and maybe as much as two percent of teens and young adults. Because of this, it is not a good idea to wait for your child to outgrow the problem when alarm treatment is so successful and has such great benefit. Children can have very low self esteem from being a bed wetter, and miss out on events such as sleepovers, camps, and family visits.

Can medicine be good and is there ever a reason for using drugs?

Because some children have success with drugs stopping the wetting, some doctors will recommend that they use them in special situations, such as camps or sleepovers. Many doctors do not use drugs at all because of the known side effects. They are concerned that it does not really correct the real problem, and the child will simply relapse when you take the drugs away. It is much better to use the alarm method, and get at the real source, which is to teach the child to respond to the body’s bladder signal during even deep sleep and end the bed wetting.

Can disposable diapers be used along with the wearing of the alarm?

Yes you can, as you can snap the sensor to underwear first and use the disposable diaper over the top. Many children have always worn disposable diapers and have never dealt with a wet bed. Sometimes they can be emotional about the wet bed and it is good to prevent any bad feeling. It can also help Mom with the laundry when you first begin .We do not however recommend to prolong use of the diaper. As the child learns to stop their wetting with the alarm, it will help the child to remove the diaper. Children do want to overcome this problem, and most don’t care to wear the diaper, so it can be a good motivation to stop using the diapers.

How do we know why our child has a bedwetting problem?

If you child does not wet during the day and has good bladder control and wets only when sleeping, then the cause of the problem may also be partially hereditary. Several factors that contribute(but don’t cause) to the wetting problem can be small bladder capacity or a weak sphincter muscle that holds back the urine. We are always getting signals that the bladder is sending day and night. Some children have a bladder muscle that responds quickly without warning, giving them an urgent need to go. You see this in children who have to suddenly rush to the toilet without warning. These child will sometime have day time leaking when they are not paying attention or are too involved in what they are doing. The bedwetting child often has this urgent need at night and wets the bed at this time. A child who cannot hold as much urine in their bladder may wet the bed several times during the night, and may use the toilet more often during the day. Several training methods can help the child gain better bladder control. One is to have the child hold back their urine when they get the signal to use the toilet during the day. This will assure that they begin to strengthen their weak sphincter muscle and increase how much urine the bladder can hold. Another bladder control exercise is to have them stop and start their urine flow when using the toilet during the day. They will learn to pay more attention to the need to urinate. This can help them to respond to stop the urine flow faster if they start to wet the bed at night while they are asleep.

Many parents think the cause of the problem is deep sleep. Here again children may inherit a sleep pattern that contributes to bedwetting, but deep sleep is not the cause. Bedwetting children do not necessarily sleep more deeply and most do not have a disorder. Many adults are deep sleepers and they do not wet the bed. The alarm is very effective in helping the child learn to change the way they respond to their bladder and end bedwetting.

At what age do doctors recommend bedwetting treatment?

Doctors have a few different ideas for the answer to this question. Most advise to begin treatment around the age of 5 , but some recommend as early as 4 1/2 if they feel the child is mature enough, and both the family and child are ready to solve the problem. Some suggestions by doctors to wait until the age of 7 or even older may be to make sure that the child is not pushed or feel overly corrected when it would be better for them to wait until they are ready to deal with the issue, and receive balanced correction. The real answer to this question would be that any time the child is 5 years or older and the child and family are seeking help, this is the time to begin. We would advise that parents not wait, because beginning the program right away when the child is ready will remove many years of waiting and dealing with bedwetting problems.

Does your program work for boys and girls?

The answer is yes. For more than 20 years we have worked with boys and girls with this problem. The alarm can be worn comfortable by either and provides the correction that comes from interrupting the bedwetting. Research in the area of bedwetting has found that alarm treatment is clearly the way to solve this problem.

Do children with a bedwetting problem have other difficulties?

This a legitimate question and some of the same deep sleep pattern that exhibits in bedwetting is also diagnosed as symptoms in children who suffer from sleepwalking, sleep terrors, and talking in their sleep during the night. Many can miss diagnose these childhood difficulties as a sleep disorder. But attention should be given to correcting the idea that the bed wetting child will sleep any deeper than the normal child. Many normal children will fall into a very deep sleep within minutes of falling asleep. Then comes the typical sleep stage of one of light sleep. There is good possibility that this sleep pattern will repeat itself at least 2 to 3 times. It is not uncommon for the bedwetting child to also have some of these other difficulties. The facts that parents misunderstand their child’s deep sleep patterns can add to their concerns that this is a sleep disorder. These symptoms add to the parents fear that these difficulties will affect the child’s day time performance, causing stress, short attention, and lacking of energy. If your child has a problem and been diagnosed with any of these, the SleepDry alarm program may help with these symptoms as well. What is very interesting is the bedwetter, who has learned to be aroused from deep sleep stage by the alarm, may also see some of the other difficulties corrected. Learning to stop bedwetting can help with these other difficult sleep problems.

We had great success, but why have we had a relapse?

Our success rate with the alarm is very high and the children are declared dry when they have had 21 dry nights. Children sometimes have a relapse, it can be caused by several difficulties –serious illness, diseases- or just simply a move or a big change in life. If a relapse occurs, children will usually become dry again by themselves and the alarm, adults also need to help get them back on track. It is important to always keep your alarm in case you need to use it again. Remember you have a one year warranty with coverage for repair or replacement at no cost.

Is it ever okay to scold or punish for bedwetting?

No, of course not, children should never receive harsh correction for a problem they have no control over. We all know stories about children who have gone through this, and no one claims that this can ever be beneficial in any way for the child. That is why we work so hard to make our program child friendly.

Are your operators available to advice us?

All of our operators have many years of providing counseling help to the parent using our program. They are professional, and use their expertise to advise the parent. We will give personal help with our instructions that will help you center on the specific difficulties and questions that you have. Our companies long time analysis that follows different problems, comes from the report that most of our parents return to us. You can reach us by email or phone, which ever works best you.

Do drugs stop the bedwetting?

These medications were introduced to physicians by pharmaceutical companies for the correction of bedwetting. Some doctors do advise the use of medication, especially for short term sleepovers or camp. However, correct research shows that they may cause side effects, and the relapse rate is very high when the drugs are taken away. It is recommend by most physicians that the patient use an alarm program to produce changes in the behavior of the bed wetting child as medication can be a long term waste of time and money.

What can I do if my child is emotional during treatment?

This is not a sign of an underlying emotional or psychological problem. Parents report that when they awaken a child at night they can range from upset to angry. Most of them are not even awake yet. As you teach them to be aroused by the alarm and comfort them, this will stop as they learn to wake up from their deep sleep easier and easier.

If my child has a small bladder can the alarm work?

Yes, a small bladder sometimes called immature bladder, does not necessarily cause bedwetting. The problem with the bedwetting child is that they sleep through the signals the bladder begins to send when they are in a deep sleep. It is true that many children sleep dry through the night after treatment without getting up to use the toilet. The child with the small bladder would have to get up to use the toilet. One of the things the parent can do that will help is to have the child do holding exercises. The holding will actually cause growth of the muscle, and the bladder can hold more capacity. Even a child in deep sleep can learn to know the body bladder signals and get up sooner.

Does your program work for younger and older children?

With The Sleepdry alarm we treat ages 5(4 1/2 if recommend by doctor) through late teens. Our program and alarm equipment work for all children, as the sensing snap connects to their own underwear. The very small device is not at all intrusive. The person is not even aware of the very small snap in the underwear and our little alarms are very comfortable on the shoulder, where it is easy for the child to hear. Unlike some matt systems placed on the bed, there is no clean up, all you need is clean dry underwear. Our instructions target both younger and older children with a program for both. They have many ideas, an example being to correct the lighting in the child’s room by putting a night light on the night stand, etc…….. This is a program that can really work for people.

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