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We do not view bedwetting as a sleep disorder. Our statement is: we center on research that shows that a bedwetting alarm used in company with a helpful program, can really work. It does not have to be expensive. Our Sleepdry alarm is only $53.95. Our little alarms can be purchased on the internet, here, or our products and programs can be purchased at a distributor. This can give financial help, and also helps keep your cost lowest for you. Several other companies charge a lot more for their programs. We realize they have success with their program also, but we choose to not compare ourselves with their programs. They correct without failing the child and without being the cause of any other emotional problem. But we think many families like our program with kits and alarms. Young people find them quite unobtrusive and not at all uncomfortable. The SleepDry alarm gives no false alarms, and none caused by perspiration. We manufacture our equipment and think you will absolutely like it. You get better results from our program. It is better if you do all the necessary techniques, for a complete change of behavior with our motivational instructions. We’re an alarm system for children that stresses operator counseling and a personal program. We deal on a personal level with you. We guarantee for a period of one full year to you*(see below) for the operation of the alarm. Our Sleepdry alarm system gets better results because we focus on what technique helps to correct the deep sleep problem.

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    Only $53.95


Other small systems can serve the client and actually work, but our program has shown over the years to take as little as 2 months to complete the dryness process. However, understand that a relapse can sometimes happen in some period of time. But put back on the alarm, and require it to remain on just a little while, and the child will be dry again.

There are many companies who sell small alarms. We are different from their kits because there are no extra parts to buy. Batteries come included with ours. Our business has been on point for the last 24 years, and the cost does not rise often. Our fee (alarm price) is just $53.95. Our program is easy for families to come up with the fee for, as it is affordable. But the best payment is filling parents with information that really works, and a program that is complete. While we have a terrific guarantee, it is our success rate that is great. We help you gain some time to take advantage of pleasant child rearing, without the problem of bedwetting being around.

We currently are offering our program for just $53.95, and it can be sent to you right away. Click on the “Visit our Store” wagon button and you will go to a secure site for viewing the alarm or purchasing. This is a personal decision for your family, but know that your child will get dry if you work with the Sleepdry program.

* The Sleepdry alarm comes with a full one year warranty against manufacturing defects. If in normal use your alarm fails to operate properly any time in the first year, return it to StarChild Labs for repair.

Enuresis is the medical term for bed wetting. You really can help your child Stop Bedwetting tm is a trademark of Starchild Labs. SleepDry tm is a trademark of StarChild/Labs. ©2010Copyright Star child Labs All rights reserved including design, content, look and feel including Starry. The Sleep Dry Alarm is made to be used in consultation with a physician. See our reviews as best bedwetting alarm .Bedwetting alarms work best.

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