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Please do not confuse us with different foundations or ministries, some of which may be Christian centered ministry organizations, or other faith orientations, that currently do good work. Neither are we any type of a research organization that researches sleep disorder conditions or such. While we respect foundations, Christian or other faith ministries, that do good work, -we were founded 24 years ago to more center on the sleep wetness problem - in a cost effect way. Over the 24 years we have helped tens of thousands of families overcome the problem of bedwetting. We educate parents quicker than most, counseling families to research and overcome with simple effort.

The principals of the company have been active both as administrators and to help train men and women for the business. Steve the founder of StarChild Labs, holds a degree in social sciences from Bethany College with an emphasis in psychology. Our counseling supervisor graduated from UNC in education and speech. She learned motivation techniques for young people as a former high school teacher. Steve has done graduate education work through Fuller Theological Seminary School. He is active in church, social, athletic service, and has helped provide Christian college level education on the continent of Africa. He believes ministry begins at home. For many years he has helped families and children, with a bedwetting program of low cost. Star Child Labs charges only in the $50.00 range total for their alarm, support, and services. The programs are offered simply for the reasons that it’s nice to treat and give help to children for a fee much lower than others.

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We are a private company, and not affiliated with any other company, church, pastor, ministry, financial, or church based companies. We once again acknowledge the fine work of many foundations, pastors, Christian ministry folks and others, who have worked so diligently over the years to also help thousands of children in life.

The company’s positive goal is more secularly oriented. The price is so low there is obviously no commission,- the difference comes as a low fee for the family. The fee, $53.95 at present time, has not changed in over 10 years. These financial details make for a substantial reduced cost. We are very pleased to be able to offer this level of service and program for such a low fee. See the home page and information. The company has accomplished the techniques in our program so that people will feel able to keep this problem solved permanently at the same time keep our fee very low.

Enuresis is the medical term for bed wetting. You really can help your child Stop Bedwetting tm is a trademark of Starchild Labs. SleepDry tm is a trademark of StarChild/Labs. ©2010Copyright Star child Labs All rights reserved including design, content, look and feel including Starry. The Sleep Dry Alarm is made to be used in consultation with a physician. See our reviews as best bedwetting alarm .Bedwetting alarms work best.

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